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Inclusion Criteria for ARBA and ARBAonline

ARBA differs significantly from other reviewing media in its basic purpose-to provide comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of English-language reference resources published in the United States and Canada. English-language resources from foreign countries are considered for review if they have an exclusive distributor in the United States. To be included in ARBA and ARBAonline, books, Websites, and CD-ROMs must have a copyright date reflecting the last two years.

The main categories of resources reviewed by ARBA and ARBAonline include: dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, directories, bibliographies, guides, concordances, atlases, gazetteers, yearbooks, almanacs, indexing and abstracting services, and other ready-reference materials. Resources that are published annually (yearbooks, almanacs, etc.) are given thorough critical reviews every three to four years or when significant changes to content or scope have occurred. Reprints of titles are reviewed on a selective basis as they often are produced in limited quantities. Handbooks and monographs that address the specific concerns of library and information specialists and aid in their professional development are regularly reviewed. Finally, reference resources that are produced for the mass market, such as travel guides and collector books, are reviewed on a selective basis.

Resources specifically not reviewed for ARBA or ARBAonline are print resources that are 48 pages or fewer, those produced by vanity presses, and resources generated by library staffs for internal use. Highly specialized reference sources printed in a limited quantity that do not appeal to the general library audience may also be omitted.

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December 04, 2020

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